Here is an overview of some of the software projects I’ve worked on in my free time.



A small, dependency-free node editor extension for dear imgui. It features a small immediate-mode API similar to dear imgui itself.

Find it on github.


wrenpp::VM vm;
vm.beginModule( "math" )
.beginClass( "Math" )
  .bindFunction< decltype(&cos), &cos >( true, "cos(_)" )
  .bindFunction< decltype(&sin), &sin >( true, "sin(_)" )
  .bindFunction< decltype(&tan), &tan >( true, "tan(_)" )
  .bindFunction< decltype(&exp), &exp >( true, "exp(_)" )

vm.executeString( "import \"math\" for Math\nSystem.print( Math.cos(0.12345) )" );

A C++ binding generator for the Wren programming language. It utilizes modern C++14 metaprogramming features and is fairly compact as a result. You can use Wren++ to wrap any C++ function or class in Wren code. Wren++ also provides access to Wren code from C++.

I wrote a small tutorial on its usage here.

Find it on github.


Syntax highlighting

A Visual Studio Code extension for the Wren programming language. Currently the extension provides snippets and syntax highlighting for most language features.

Find it on github and the vscode marketplace.