Here is an overview of some of the software projects I’ve worked on in my free time.


A C++ binding generator for the Wren programming language. It utilizes modern C++14 metaprogramming features and is fairly compact as a result. You can use Wren++ to wrap any C++ function or class in Wren code. Wren++ also provides access to Wren code from C++.

I wrote a small tutorial on its usage on my blog.

Find it on github.


A Visual Studio Code extension for the Wren programming language. Currently the extension provides snippets and syntax highlighting for most language features.

Find it on github and the vscode marketplace.

Syntax highlighting


An agent-based economy simulation that I wrote in Lua, based on the work of Steiglitz, Honig, and Cohen and Doran and Parberry. The goal was to simulate the law of supply and demand for a variety of commodities and see if I could create price hikes via artificial shortages.

Find it on github.